I’ve permanent solution for stroke – Nigerian researcher 

Frontline Nigerian researcher in phytho-medicine, Dr Ben Amodu, who is recognised internationally for his alternative medicine remedies to various diseases, has said he has a solutions for stroke without the need for rehab.

Dr Amodu made this revelation while speaking to newsmen at his African Alternative Medicine Hospital in Wuse Zone 6, Abuja over the weekend.

“Our research is into communicable and non-communicable diseases. Under the non-communicable diseases we deal with hypertension, diabetes, dementia, ataxia, enlarged heart which ailments are all related.

“While doing this work, we stumbled into the research of cures for these ailments, and this natural product we have has the capacity to deal with stroke in the sense that the whole body that has become degenerated will have a very strong stimulant that will make them firm up again.

“And as you can see, it was just a three- day treatment we gave to mama (one of his patients), that led to that massive transformation. So, if we deal with hypertension, diabetes, dementia and ataxia which are all embedded in stroke including high cholesterol and the system is able to be cleaned up and blood flows freely, what do you expect? A person that is gone comes back.

“So Nigeria should take advantage of this, we intend to pursue a partnership with the minister of FCT and create a medical tourism zone in Abuja here, in the aspect of medicine that is yet to be properly understood in the whole world; the herbal medicine.

“While America is working towards making $5trn from now till 2025, Nigeria with all the massive herbs, God has given us and the in-depth research some of us are doing, there is nothing to write home about in terms of generating GDP from herbal medicine for our country and we are willing to partner with government to close up the naira to dollar ratio.

“USA, Canada, Australia, China and India are doing very well in this regard; why can’t we join them, with the treatment of diseases that modern medicine is yet to find cures like stroke, diabetes, hypertension, enlarged heart, cancer, sickle cell anemia, end stage renal disease and the several others which cure here without any surgical procedures?

“There is no cure for heart in the modern medicine; you must open it up. But with us, all you need to do is to take the supplements and the heart is back to normal.”

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